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Thumbprint Style Glass

Original & Classic

One of the most popular and sought-after pieces of glass people collect is Thumbprint. We have a large selection from the historic Edgar and Annie Roberts Wright House here in beautiful Paris Texas. Not surprisingly given the pattern's popularity, thumbprints appear on a wide variety of antique glass, from milk glass to carnival glass to Vaseline glass. But perhaps the most ubiquitous form of thumbprint glass is a related pattern called Ruby Crown, which generally features a ring of cranberry glass on the edge of a plate or rim of a glass paired with clear glass centers or bases. There, in the clear sections of these two-tone pieces, is where you'll find the thumbprints. Similar but monochromatic pieces in blue, green, amber, and even purple are usually referred to as King's Crown, although the pattern has also been sold as Excelsior by Adams and Dubonnet by U.S. Glass. Major manufacturers of Ruby Crown and King's Crown glass include Tiffin and Indiana.

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