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Sterling & Silver Plate

Are You Bougie?

Silver items are an amazing way to showcase your home in pure GLAMOUR to your friends and family! Look at all the items we have currently available. Don't forget to check back, we are always adding more!

Sterling Silver

Ever wonder about what to do about an accent piece in your dining room? Ever wonder about what to place on your buffet cabinet? Sterling & Silver Plate items, if treated well, will be beautiful all year around and will be a stunning feature in your home!


Sterling & Plated Flatware

Flatware pieces like forks and spoons add such a classic and modern look, all at the same time! And it adds a touch of glamour! The best way to take care of all Sterling & Plated items, is by using Wrights Silver Cream! *In my opinion*

Silver Plate is perfect for caterers, or for regular use.

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