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Homer Laughlin

Vintage & Timeless Style

Homer Laughlin China is one of the oldest pottery makers in the United States. We have a large selection from the historic Edgar and Annie Roberts Wright House here in beautiful Paris Texas. Homer Laughlin began producing the popular and colorful Fiesta line of dinnerware in 1936. Fiesta dinnerware continued to be produced through the late 1960s, with a number of new colors offered before the entire line was phased out in 1973. Fiesta was re-introduced by the company in 1986 and remains in production. In addition to Fiesta, two other lines of colorful dinnerware in bright, solid-colored glazes were introduced in the 1930s. Harlequin was introduced in 1938 as a less expensive alternative to Fiesta and was commissioned by and sold exclusively at Woolworth's stores. We have a large selection, so check out our wares by Homer Laughlin!

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